Hallelujah Concert

Hallelujah Concert:
In September 2010, Kiltiernan began an ambitious music project.
First Class to Sixth rehearsed over 50 pieces of music for a national event called The Hallelujah Concert Series. The music repertoire ranged from the 50s to current pop music and was arranged by Gearóid Grant.
On Sunday December 12th, 34 children represented the school onstage in the RDS with the support of more than 40 family members.
Over 90 schools participated and 3,000 children performed. Professional musicians accompanied them and the guest performers were The High Kings and Margaret Keyes.
It was a unique opportunity to perform at a national level, in front of 5,000 people. We hope to participate in this event bi-annually.

This will be our second time participating in this project which involves singing with hundreds of other children, supported by Gearóid Grant as conductor with an orchestra.

It is a very exciting and worthwhile experience for the children-and staff! Pupils from 2nd to 6th will comprise our ‘travelling choir’ where we will perform in City West on December 8th.

On the 8th of December we travelled to the Hallelujah Concerts in Dublin. We had to leave the school at half seven. By the time we got to the venue in it was half ten. There were more than 1,000 pupils from various schools all over Ireland there. We had one rehearsal before the concert which took around 2 hours. Afterwards we had a break and waited for an audience to arrive. Eventually the concert began, it lasted 2 hours. We sang our hearts out. Once we had finished we got back on the bus. On the way back we stopped at Supermac’s for some well-earned food. Finally we got back to the school and headed home. It was a wonderful day.   The guest performers were Hermitage Green, Connie Talbot, Tabby Callaghan , Mairead Hickey, and Seo Linn.