Panto Practise 2019

The children in Kiltiernan N.S. are very busy working on their panto. The Senior Room (4th to 6th class) are performing ‘The Emperor’s New Clothes’ for their play and the Middle Room (1st to 3rd class) are performing ‘Bill’s New Frock’. We are making a big effort to make these pantos perfect!

The Senior Room have decided to put extra work into their play outside school hours. They stay back after school on Mondays and Fridays from 3 to 4 to practise. Ms Leech, their class room teacher is directing the play. There is a special surprise at the start of the play which is an appetiser for our play!

The Middle Room (1st to 3rd class) are working on ‘Bill’s New Frock’. Their classroom teacher, Ms O’Doherty, is directing the play. They work on their play for about an hour every day.

If you are interested in catching a glimpse of our play we are performing it on the 19th of February in Labane Hall at 6.30 pm.

I hope you enjoy the play!

By Clodagh, 6th Class