The Kiltiernan Quizzers!

Quiz is something that Kiltiernan N.S. has been participating in for a few years now. Due to last year’s success the classes of 6th, 5th and 4th were very excited to participate again. During the last few months of 2018, Michelle and Bridget came back again for this year’s quiz. We are so grateful for them coming in every week as I can confidently say on behalf of all the students taking part that we all had such a great time from half past two until three o’ clock!

We were usually put into groups of four that were decided by the experts, Michelle and Bridget. However after a few weeks of practice we took a quiz to decide the teams and we took these alone. It was very exciting to see who made what team and who was on your team. I was on the first U13 team alongside Edel, Orlaith and Clodagh!

By the time the Annual Kilchreest Quiz rolled around on the 18th of February, we were very well prepared if I do say so myself. At the start the questions were moderately easy. ‘To settle us down’ my Mum says! But after a couple of rounds (with six questions in a round) there were a few stinkers.

Halfway through, they announced the teams who were currently placing well. After hearing who was coming in third and second place, we were sure that we weren’t coming anywhere. But as luck would have it, it turned out that we were in joint first! We were terribly excited!

However, after the second half things got tough. By the end of the quiz our brains needed a holiday. It was all worth it in the end as we came out as proud second placers!

However, the fun wasn’t over yet! For some teams the Credit Union quiz was coming up. Unfortunately, fewer teams would be participating but those who were, were very excited. I wouldn’t doubt though, that there were a few nervous faces as we took are seats once again amongst our teammates!

Once again, they started off with some easy questions such as how many provinces on the island of Ireland, but after a few rounds it got very, very hard! We kept our poker faces on as they called out the answers, but it was very hard to resist high fiving each other if we got a particularly difficult question right!

We were extremely pleased with our results on that night! Our U11 team got a very close 2nd Place and we were just like them. There were two questions separating the U13 team from the winners and walked out with 2nd Place.

This year has been so fun with all the quizzes and I can’t wait for next year!


By Erin, 5th Class