Booklists for the schoolyear 2019-20


If you are unsure of any of the textbooks please do not cover or write on the books as it may need to be exchanged again in September. If there are any further tests/materials required during the school year you will be notified.

Uniforms can be purchased in Pat Smiths, Gort, and also at the National Schoolwear Centre, Tuam Road, Galway Trousers and polo shirts, without logos, can be purchased on the High Street.

Books from this Book List may be obtained from Gort Educational World, Bridge St., Gort or Books ‘N More bookshop upstairs in the Oran Town Centre, Oranmore. 

Third Class Booklist 2018[45134] Senior Infants Booklist 2019 20[45132] Junior Infants Booklist 2019 20[45131] First Class Booklist 2019[45135] Sixth Class Booklist 2019[45138] Second Class Booklist 2019[45133] Fourth Class Booklist 2019[45136] Fifth Class Booklist 2019[45137]