Interactive White Board

Thanks to Parents’ Council fundraising and the D.E.S., we have recently installed smart boards in all three classrooms.

I.T. is  an integral part of every day life of the pupils in Kiltiernan N.S..
We use the whiteboard for lots of activities:
  • IT skills development
  • Powerpoint presentations
  • Editing;correcting a piece using spellcheck, thesarus, dictionary, etc.
  • Referencing text books from publishers’ web sites
  • Internet surfing,eg. Google Earth,Google, Teacher tube, etc.
  • Following Derek Mooney’s annual wildlife web casts
  • Writing;letter formation, changing writing to text, etc.
  • Virtual tours, eg. National Concert Hall, Galleries around the world,
  • ‘How to’ videos,eg. How to make St. Bridget’s crosses
  • Rainy day DVDs
  • Tinwhistle/ Music lyrics and notes
  • Interactive software supporting curriculum work


Teacher for a day
Teacher for a day
Teacher for a day
Teacher for a day