Autumn in the Junior Room

Autumn in the Junior Room

It was hard to beat this year’s opening week, where we had News2Day filming our big match build up for the All Ireland Final. The children dressed up in all their Galway colours and created chants and slogans to send the team on their way to Dublin with wind in their sails. Junior Infants will never forget their second day in school!

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October brought a fantastic Grandparents’ Day, which everyone enjoyed emmencely. It was great to show the Grandparents how much they mean to us in our lives and hear the interesting stories they passed along that day. Thanks to all who came and we will see you in 2017 for another great day.

We also worked very hard of course, with lots of Jolly Phonics, list words and Maths. Don’t forget to ask what we’re learning about in school these days!

Happy birthday to the summer birthday boys and girls Ella and Sophia in July, Nathan and Aidan in August who will get their spin on the chair by hook or by crook!!

Happy birthday to Ultan and Jack who celebrated in September, and to Conor whose birthday was in October.