Blog: Halloween Dress-Up

Halloween Dress-Up

On Friday the 28th of October Kiltiernan NS staged our annual Halloween dress up. We all came in, in the morning with costumes in hand, hope in our hearts and in some cases painted faces. The festivities kicked off at 1 o’clock, after big break. We couldn’t wait any longer! The hall was packed to the brim with parents, teachers and students. This year we had so many great costumes the judges couldn’t just pick a boy and a girl for best costume. In some cases the whole class won! There were  lots of original costumes. In my class alone there was a zombie couple, An unpleasant couple (the twits), a fast food chain, a dinosaur an aul’ farmer, and a president elect (then candidate) , and yes I was the president to be. Sigh…

There were also ghost busters, ‘cereal’ killers, witches, wizards, singers, doctors, draculas, clowns, book and movie characters, football players and many more.

Kiltiernan pulled it out of the bag again. Everyone had a really great day.

By Ross, 6th Class