Debating with Margaret Martyn

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Debating with Margaret Martyn

On the 20th of November, Margaret Martyn came to our school to give us feedback on our debating skills. The motions were “Recession can be good” and “Cyber bullying can be stopped”. There were 3 teams of three and 1 team of four from 5th and 6th class.

She gave us tips to improve or debating skills like how we need to put emotion and passion into our voices and how we need to use our “Organs of articulation”. She also said we need to improve our refuting skills.

Our new motions are “Computers should replace teachers” and “Olympics are a waste of money.” The pupils will really enjoy “Computers should replace teachers” and not much will enjoy “Olympics are a waste of money”

We have already started preparing for our next debates as she is coming on the 9th of December and our parents are invited to come and listen, Stay tuned for more updates.

By Ian and Eoghan