Des & Bosco’s Training Sessions

Des and Bosco-awesome training sessions


Every Tuesday we hurling trained with Bosco. The middle room did it from 12 o clock till 1 o clock. The senior room played from 1 o clock till 2 o clock every Tuesday. In the training sessions we sometimes did drills and in the drills we did jab lifts with the sliotar. After that drill we did some hand passing. After that we would usually do a match for the rest of the training session.


Just after the Easter holidays Des came to train us in Gaelic football. For the first 4 weeks it is the senior room’s turn. For the last four weeks the middle room did it. First we did some drills such as hand passing and then we would do some shooting drills. Finally we get into a match-my favourite part. The rules are if you get a block you get a point. You have to pass to a girl before your team scores a point or a goal. A goal is worth 3 points. If it is a free kick a boy is allowed to score straight from the free kick.

I really enjoy doing Gaelic football and hurling. I hope they come back next year.

By Luke 5th class