Engineers Week


This year Engineer’s week is running from March 4th to March 10th. The aim of engineer week is for everyone to learn all about what engineers do and for some people it might inspire them to become an engineer.

In Kiltiernan we have already had a visit from Rory, an electronic engineer. He showed us what is inside an Xbox, tablets, ipads and so on. I found it very interesting for us to learn all about his job as an electronic engineer.

We also had another visit from Jerry, a software engineer who works for HPE. He showed us a PowerPoint presentation where he showed us pictures of his work and his daily routine in his job also as today was also international women’s day he had a slide all about a very talented engineer from Galway. He answered all of our questions. It was a very interesting and informative visit.

Ms. Leech has also organised another visit from Mat, Sean’s dad and we are all very excited to meet him and to see what it is like to work as an engineer.                                                                      

Engineers week is always an exciting week in Kiltiernan N.S. and we always have some very interesting engineers who come in to talk to us and who knows maybe one day I might decide to be an engineer.

By Hannah

6th class