First Confession

First Confession

At the moment in Second Class we are preparing for our First Confession. We go to the church which is the House of God where we get forgiven by God through the words and the actions of the priest.

While the priest is forgiving our sins we will sing hymns and say some prayers. The prayers are The Act of Sorrow, Prayer for Forgiveness and The Prayer After Forgiveness. the hymns we will sing include ‘Connected’, ‘I’m Sorry’ and ‘My Shepherd is the Lord’. Our favourite hymn is ‘The Lost Sheep’ because we get to sing “Baa! Baa! Baa!”

We have had a rehearsal and look forward to our first confession with Fr. Joe and Fr. David on Thursday 30th April. Our parents will come with us to the altar but we will go to the priest, by ourselves, like an adult! I think we will feel happy, relieved and wonderful…all sparkly white with forgiveness.

by Adam, Tara, Sadhbh and Clodagh

Middle Room