Helen Butler Visit by Ross

Helen Butler Visit
On Thursday the 19th of January, a youth worker called Helen Butler came in. She was doing a workshop about transitioning to secondary school.
She came in first thing in the morning and we got to work straight away.
The first thing we did, we were handed out two sticky notes. We were instructed to write some things we were looking forward to on one and we wrote something we weren’t sure about or not looking forward to on another. She then read some of them out and gave us some advice.
She then split us up into groups and she asked us to come up with some rules. They were listen attentively, respect each other, hands up and have fun!
Next we were given a self reflection sheet and we had to answer questions. Throughout the day we also played some games to keep us on our toes.
After that we had a a bullying segment where we were given a scenario and on each wall of the hall there was a solution. You had to walk to what you thought was the best option. There was also the ‘Open Corner’ were you could come up with your own. We then wrapped up the day with a game that helped you learn how to read a timetable quickly and effectively.
Overall I really enjoyed the day and found it very informative.
By Ross,
6th Class