Helen Butler

Helen Butler


On the 19th of January Helen Butler came in to talk to us for the transition to secondary school. Helen is a youth worker and also talks to parents.


The day started off by Helen and her partner giving us sticky notes for our positive and negative thoughts we have about secondary school.


Then we did a warm up game. After, we clarified the rules of the day. The rules consisted of respect and do your best.

Next we wrote a sheet about you think of yourselves called “I am a legend” -it was like a self-reflection. She gave us lots of secondary school rules. We did an exercise about safety, behaviour and learning.

We then did a section of bullying where Helen would call out different scenarios and we would choose the right thing to do.


She also taught us how to read a time table and we had a relay so we could read it quickly.


She gave us a sheet about how we found the day and what we learned. Then we got certificates for completing the course and sadly had to leave.



5th class