Letter to Mairead McGuinness

 Kiltiernan N.S,


Co Galway

Dear Mairead McGuinness,

My name is Ross and I’m a 6th class pupil at Kiltiernan NS.

In our school we are in the process of completing the ‘Blue Star’ Programme. It is a project set up so kids would learn more about the EU and how it affects us.

So far we have done many different things across all subjects, in our quest for EU knowledge. We have learned about everything from the geography of the EU and how the parliament works to the cuisine and delicacies enjoyed by EU citizens. We even hosted a special day to celebrate the food where we sampled the dishes. The food day in particular was my favourite. I made Patatas Bravas a potato dish from Spain. We were paired up with the people who chose a dish from the same country. We were assigned a table and we were told to decorate it the best we could because the best table would get a prize and we love our prizes down in Kiltiernan. The following day the tables were plastered with pictures, balloons, banners and even moustaches over in France!

Another one of my favourites was when we were assigned to write a biography of a famous European Inventors, I chose Leonardo da Vinci. I was fascinated by his inventions and sketches. He sketched helicopter and tank prototypes, years before anyone else! He really was a man ahead of his time.

I don’t know if you’d remember but you’ve actually visited our school before back in early 2014.You were touring South Galway at the time and came to our school which was greatly affected by the floods of that year. In the visitors book you wrote that you’d come back to Kiltiernan one day and we’d like you to follow through with that promise!

I, on behalf of Kiltiernan N.S. would like to invite you to our school to talk about the goings-on in the EU. It would be the final piece of our project so we’d love to see you.

Kind Regards

Ross O’ Donnell

On behalf of the pupils of Kiltiernan N.S.