Mairead McGUINNESS Letter

Kiltiernan N.S
Kilcolgan,  Co.Galway

Dear Mairead McGuinness
Hello my name is Melanie I am a fifth class student in Kilternan national school. We started the Blue Star project before Christmas and it would be a pleasure to have you come to our school if you have the time. You came to our school before when you were touring around Galway and promised us that you would return in later times and I am almost sure that it is later times now! In the blue star programme we did power points on famous artisst in Europe. We also did a European food day where every pupil from second class the whole way up to sixth class picked a Eureopean dish- either savoury or sweet and displayed it and all the pupils tasted everyone’s dish. The last step is to get a member of the European parliament to come to our school and talk to us about what he/she does. As a result of that I would like to invite you to come to visit our school.

Your sincerely

5th class Kilternan N.S