Mairead McGuinness

On the 9th of May our school were very lucky to get a visit from Mairead McGuinness MEP. Ross sent her a letter of invitation and she accepted. We showed her all of our Blue Star projects we worked on all year.
Outside some of my classmates were playing ‘Ode to Joy’ as she came in the door.’ Ode to Joy’ is the national anthem of Europe. It was chosen because there is so many languages in Europe they could not just chose one so they chose an instrumental piece by Beethoven.
She went around to every room and the students showed off all of their EU knowledge. In the senior room the French table recreated their food from the food day we had a few weeks before. I made crepes and they were gone in a flash!
After she went around to the rooms all the classes gathered in the halla to play some music and ask guest and ask questions. The junior room waved all the national flags of the EU. After that we did the ‘Spread a Handshake for Europe.’ The ‘Spread a Handshake for Europe’ is a handshake. You simply keep shaking hand in a circle to show that we are all united.
At the end Mairead McGuinness told us that Antonio Tajani said that we had no homework. We all had a great but exhausting day and were delighted to have no homework to do!
By Grace
5th Class