My Communion by Erin

My Communion

On Saturday it was my 1st Holy Communion! I had 40 people coming to my house. First I got dressed, then had breakfast. Next we went to take photos. Then we went to the church. We gathered together in the chapel at the rear of the Church. We were preparing to go in a procession to our seats.

I was last, on my own! I was in the first group to go up on the altar! Tara and I sang the Gospel Acclamation. We prayed and sang and did the actions for the Our Father. Then I received Holy Communion. After mass, we went to the hall in Labane, for treats. Then we went home. I had to take more pictures! I got out of my dress straight after the pictures. I went on my bouncy castle slide. Then we had soup. I went back on the bouncy castle slide. We had spaghetti for dinner. Then we watched Annie. We had my cake for dessert. Everybody went home. On Sunday. Ellie, Ava, Edel and Erin came over. We went on the bouncy castle. Then they went home. My sister and I watched TV and soon it was time for bed.

I had the most amazing weekend!

The highlight for me was sliding down the slide of my bouncy castle in my garden!

by Erin O’Sullivan

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