Order of Malta

Order of Malta talk

On the 20-1-17 Maura Lyons did a talk on the Order of Malta. Maura is a cadet officer for the Order of Malta Craughwell. Maura is a medical scientist during non officer days. In  the Order of Malta Craughwell,we meet every Monday from 7:15-8:15. Maura explained where you would see the order of malta ambulance. We also learned how to do C.P.R ,tie bandages and also put people in recovery position. The Order of Malta started when tourist travelled to Jerusalem by boat and became ill. St Gerard came up with the idea of the orderof St John to care for ill people on the boat. The Order of Malta trainers compete in competitions in order to gain badges for your uniform. At competitions you have to scan the scene you come across and say if it is safe or unsafe. If the scene is safe then you go over to your patient. The first thing Maura told us to do was call 999/112 then you have to see what’s  wrong with your patient followed by trying to help your patient and so on. After all that she told us what the meaning of F.A.S.T was.It means face arms speech and time. We learned how to use a panic button.