Order Of Malta

Order of Malta

On the 18th of January Maura from the group called the Order of Malta came to our school. The Order of Malta is an association that knows and teaches first aid. The order of Malta was generated in Jerusalem.

Maura’s  job is a medical scientist. She has a part time job working for the Order of Malta. She showed us her badges and her symbol and her uniform. She also told us that they have to wear gloves when treating a patient. She told us that you have to ask the patient “Can I treat you “

Maura told us that the order of Malta goes to rugby matches and other events. They contact through radios and walkie talkies. She told us the history of the Order of Malta. The reason the order of Malta was formed was because a tourists were going to Jerusalem and picking up diseases. It was set up by St. Gerard because he felt bad for the tourists that had passed by. The Order of Malta meets every 2 weeks. Maura loves her job.