Pantomime preparation

Pantomime preparation


This year instead of our big Christmas play, we’re doing an even bigger pantomime. The senior class room (5th-6th) are doing “Alas in Blunderland” and the middle room (2nd-4th) are doing “Jack and the beanstalk. However I’m going to focus on the senior room.

We started practicing by reading the script. We read through it about 5 times. Then we wrote down the parts and gave them to our teacher. Then after about a day or two Ms cast the play. So we read our own parts. As soon as we learned our lines off by heart we started acting. I got the part of Mommy bear. It was my first choice. I was so excited.

Our play is a lot of fairy tales put together. That’s it, as I don’t want to give too much away.  The Pantomime is on the 7th of April. We can`t wait for the 7th.



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