Peace Proms


Peace Proms

On the 31st of January we went to the peace proms. I was sitting beside Hugo on the bus.  Firstly we got our seats and ate our lunch. Then we sang some songs. First we sang the ‘Matilda Medley’. Then we sang Imagine’ and the ‘Friends Medley’. Then we had another lunchbreak.  Then all the audience came. First the orchestra played the Mission Impossible soundtrack.

My favourite song was the Star Wars theme song. All the characters from Star Wars came into our section. I high-fived a storm trooper and a character called Darth Vader. I had fun!

Afterwards, we went to Scotty’s with our friends Clodagh, Ava and Grace. I had a hot dog and for dessert Ava and Clodagh shared a chocolate fudge cake. I had one all for myself! After I was over full for an hour and I wanted to be hungry again because I thought I would burst!

by Mark Bruen 2nd Class

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