Play Leaders

Play Leaders

Three weeks ago we started a Play Leaders’ Programme. Our teacher’s noticed some of our Junior Infants didn’t always play together for the whole break so she thought they could do with a little help from older pupils. Each week two people from Third Class plan some games for Infants to First Class.

Every break the play leaders wear a high visibility vest. They wear the coloured bib so they are recognised by the Teacher on Duty and the children. If the children want or need help the Play Leaders are there to help! Each Friday the next partners accompany the leaders who are finishing their week to observe and help the new leaders prepare for their week.

So far the Play Leaders who have been on duty are Adam Carr, Seán Cunningham, Toby MacAdam, Luke Hughes, Adam Cahill and Stephen Mannion but everyone in the Middle Room will get a go.  A play leader is a leader who shows the Juniors and Seniors to play properly and safely. Also the little ones get to know the older children.

We are glad that Ms. Fenlon came up with this lovely idea. At the end of the week, the Play Leaders who have been on duty get a certificate to show that they have been a great play leader!

by Adam Carr and Adam Cahill 3rd Class