Proclamation Day by John

Proclamation Day

When the army from Renmore Barracks came to our school to present the Irish tricolour and the 1916 Proclamation, they told us that we were to make our own Proclamation like every other school in Ireland. So we created our own Proclamation with everyone’s names at the bottom of it.

On Proclamation day Tom O’Doherty Ms O’Doherty’s dad told us stories of the 1916 rising in Galway. He told us about Liam Mellows and his army and more. Next, we went out to raise the flag and play “Amhrán na bhFíann” on the tin whistle. Tom O’Doherty read out the original proclamation and a few of us read out paragraphs of our school Proclamation.

Soon after that we took our picture class by class with the Irish flag and our own Proclamation. It was a historic and proud day.

By John

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