Rounders Workshop

Rounders Workshop

On the 23rd of June 2016, Louise came to our school. She did a rounders work shop with all the classes. In the junior room Louise brought in a stand to put the balls on it. This is called Mini Rounders. They would hit the ball and run to all the basses. At the end of the session we took a picture of the class. They had great fun.

In the middle room the 2nd and 3rd classes went out to do the rounders. They started with a warm up called “Beat the Ball”. Louise would throw a ball to the bases and a person would try to beat the ball around the 4 bases. To finish off they had a short match.

4th class was next. They started off with the same exercise “Beat the Ball”.  After that they did a rounders game. They had fun.

In the afternoon it was 5th and 6th turn. We did the same drill. We played “Beat the Ball”. Then we did a very competitive game of rounders! We all enjoyed and we high fived each other at the end. It was a great day! We would like to thank Louise to putting her day into teaching us rounders!

By Seán and Colman