Seashore Safari with Brendan Allard

On the 24th of May Brendan Allard from the Marine institute came to visit. He brought us to Traught beach to discover marine life. We came into school armed with our nets and buckets and we went on a bus to Traught.

First we went to the rocks. We got into groups and started searching for marine animals and plants under the seaweed at the rocks. We found hermit crabs, brown crabs, limpets, anemones, butterfish and seaweed. At the end of the activity we let all the wildlife go.

Secondly, we did marine engineering. Again we got into groups and tried to build the highest sandcastle. We had fifteen minutes to do this. Finally,it was time for  a beach clean-up. It is amazing how much litter was on the beach. We need to stop and help the environment. I really enjoy searching for crabs and all sorts of marine life. Some people think the beach is just about playing in the sand. There is much more to the beach than you think!

By David 5th Class