Swimming with a Splash


Swimming is a milestone in the year that everyone enjoys, so on the 28th of April everyone came in with swimming bag under their arms. At 11 o’clock every Friday for 6 weeks we would get a bus down to Kilcornan Swimming pool.

We were all so excited about it when it came to the day. We all hopped on the bus and drove down. We got off the bus and got ready for Swimming. We all split up into different groups and we started swimming. We improved skills and learned new strokes. We learned lifesaving tips and practiced using ring boy. If I had to guess I would say everybody’s  favourite part was play time at the end. Kieran would throw a ball in the pool and we would fight and pass the ball around the pool on the final week Kieran’s group brought in pyjamas and we did all sorts of cool tricks with them.

It was a great way to spend six weeks of the school year and I would love to do again next year. Thanks to Kieran and all the coaches and … Splash!!

By Stephen, 5th Class