Tommy Baker’s Puppet Show

Tommy Baker’s Puppet show

On Friday the 20th of October Kiltiernan National School got a visit from Tommy Baker. Tommy Baker is a local puppeteer who is going to be performing in Borneo this month, in a puppet festival. He was chosen to open the festival. He came to our school to perform for us. The show he would put on in Borneo. He had chosen the salmon of knowledge. When he arrived we were all so excited.

The show was very exciting. It started when Fionn, the main character looking for someone to train him to be a warrior. He found two old ladies called Grainne and Aoife. They were to train him to be a warrior and a fighter. They asked him to do tasks. The first task was to put Fionn in a sack and throw him in the lake. There were two more tasks to find the hare of Ardrahan and not to get burnt by the salmon. Tommy also put on a second show for the middle and senior room.  They were handmade puppets, made out of sticks and wool. It was about finding his courage and helping his friends to find something they needed.

I really enjoyed the puppet show. It was a lot of fun and we were greatly entertained.


By Emma, 6th Class