Visitors to our school

Visitors to our school

Paramedics visit

There were lots of visits this term and one of them was a visit from the two paramedics. They came on the 16th of June and their names were Mossey and Paul. First they talked to us about their job. They said they were based in Ennis hospital and that they come out in parts of Clare and Galway. They told us about their uniform and how long you would have to train for in order to become a paramedic. We asked them some interesting questions after. Next they brought us out to show us the ambulance. Brendan went into the ambulance bed and they brought us up in groups of four to show us and demonstrate how they would treat a real patient. They showed Brendan’s heart rate and breath on the screen next to him. They showed us some of the equipment inside the ambulance and outside the ambulance. They showed us some neck holders, helmets and leg holders. Then they turned on the siren of the ambulance. It was very loud!


Gardaí visit

On the 23rd of May, Philip and Aoife the Gardaí came to our school. Philip came to the senior room and he told us about fingerprints and that every fingerprint is unique. We split up into groups of eight. Philip put down some ink and rolled it on glass and we all had to put down our thumbs on the ink and put it down on the bottom of a page. Then one of us had to be the culprit and put another fingerprint on the top. After that we switched the page around and the other groups had to work out who was the culprit. Later Philip showed us his pepper spray and batons and how they used them to protect themselves. Aoife spoke to the middle room about safety and her job.

Archaeologist visit

On the 23rd of June Jerry came to talk to us about archaeology. He showed us a PowerPoint on archaeology and he talked to us about what archaeologists do and discoveries in the area. This included a round tower near the church of Ireland and a big fort around Ardrahan village. He also talked to us about caves and that the bear bones at the Aillwee cave had sharp edges on it from spears which mean it could have been killed by early people! He said that if a motorway had to be built the archaeologists would have to search there in case there would be something of interest from our history.

By John