There were many visits to the school in term 3, including a Paramedic visits, a Garda visit and an Archaeologist visit. They all taught are many interesting things about their everyday jobs.

Paramedic Visit

On the 15th of June two paramedics Mossy and Paul came to our school. They firstly came inside and told us what they do. They are based in Ennis Hospital. They cover the regions of Galway, Clare and Limerick they told us. They we walked outside to see the ambulance. We took turns to see Brendan heart rate. We came out the side door of the ambulance to see stretchers and neck support. When it was my turn with the neck support I walked over to the stretchers and lay down on the stretcher. It looked like I had broken my neck! After I went over the other side of the ambulance. They let try on their coat and hop in the front seat of the ambulance. I dreamt that I was a first responder and on the scene to an emergency. When we were going inside they turned on the siren. It made a really loud noise. The paramedics were really kind and I would love them to visit again.

Garda Visit

Not only did we have a paramedic visit we also had a Garda visit. On the 23rd of May Garda Philip and Garda Aoife came to all the classrooms. Phillip went to Senior room and Aoife went to the Junior room. They were going to meet up in the Middle Room. Phillip talked to us about fingerprints. He told us how they were made. Then we did some in investigating. We split up into groups. Everyone in the group printed their fingerprints. The culprit printed his finger twice. We swapped with other groups. They had to identify who the culprit. I taught it was really fun trying to guess other peoples fingerprint. I would like thank Aoife and Phillip for coming.

Archaeologist visit

On the 23rd of June Jerry (Aly’s Dad) came to talk to us about Archaeology. He told about what archaeologists do every day. He told us the difference between archaeology and history. He showed us discoveries he has found. He showed aeriel views and drawings of the Ardrahan area. He showed many pictures of big digs that he has took part in. He discussed many ancient monuments that are either demolished or still standing. Thank you Jerry for visiting our school.



by Stephen

4th Class