Kiltiernan N.S, Labane N.S and Ballyglass N.S were very busy coming up to the 15th of May. All the sixth class from all the schools gathered in the church a couple of weeks before the Confirmation. We were given our parts to get us more involved in the mass. I was given the task of singing with my friend Ava. Other people did readings, gifts and singing. All of us made the effort to practise at home with our parents and at school with our fellow class mates and teachers. We practised altogether once every week for this very special sacrament.

The 15th of May 2017 was our Confirmation Day. All of the girls were in their pretty dresses and the boys were wearing smart clothes. We sat down in a bench that we were allocated. It all went well from start to finish. No-one missed a line or forgot what time they had to go up to the altar at. After the sacrament, all the mothers and fathers got their cameras out and started taking pictures.

I really enjoyed my day and will remember it for the rest of my life!

by Tara 6th Class