The children in Kiltiernan have the opportunity to engage with real books through access to our well-stocked class libraries, class novels and regular visits from the mobile library.

They develop their understanding of the relationship between the author and reader by becoming authors themselves!

Every year children from first to sixth class write and publish their own stories in English and also as Gaeilge.

Books are submitted to the Write-A-Book Project, which is co-ordinated by Galway Education Centre.

Every child receives a certificate for their participation and special merits are awarded to one child per class.

Every year, our pupils participate in the Write-A-Book project organised by Galway Education Centre.

The children choose a theme, plan and draft and edit their own work in partnership with class teachers and parents.

The work is submitted to GEC and shared with other schools.

It forms one of the highlights of our school year and gives the children the experience of being published author.

For more information on Galway Education Centre see http://www.galwayec.ie/