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Green School Committee 2019-2020

In 2018, Kiltiernan NS were delighted to receive our sixth Green Flag on Biodiversity. Two committee members Iarla and Corey, along with Ms. O Doherty and Bridget were delighted to accept the green flag on behalf of all members of the school community. We learned so much about our school habitat and what flora and fauna we have living around the school grounds. 

Our next project is to take part in the process to get our green flag for Global Citizenship- Litter and Waste. Our new committee has been elected in September 2018. We have members representing classes from every class from 1st class all the way up 6th class.

During the next two years, the committee will endeavour to teach all students in Kiltiernan NS what it means to be a citizen in the world and how every little act makes a difference. We will conduct awareness surveys and compare results from the start of the process and then retest to see how much our awareness has been raised. We will be looking to use Fair Trade products and understand how trade agreements help countries to develop.

In March 2020, we will apply to receive our seventh green flag, come back and check how we got on!


Kiltiernan N.S Green Code

Litter and Waste

  • Use both sides of the page when writing
  • Photocopy both sides of the page
  • Recycle sheets for use on the other side in the infant classroom
  • Reuse materials for art
  • Use scrap paper for art
  • Use egg cartons for paint
  • Reuse newspaper for art
  • Reuse envelopes
  • Use recycled printer paper
  • Use recycled toilet paper
  • Use reusable lunchboxes/containers
  • Use reusable bottles/drinks containers
  • Compost
  • Recycle plastic, paper, glass, batteries, mobile phones
  • Use rechargeable batteries
  • Refill used ink cartridges


  • Turn off lights when not in use
  • Turn off computers and other electrical equipment when not in use
  • Turn off heat when it’s not needed
  • Display Turn it Off signs throughout the school
  • Turn off interactive whiteboards and laptops at break time
  • Ensure no windows are open when heat is on


  • Turn off taps
  • Look out for dripping taps
  • Fill dishwasher or washing machine before using it
  • Put full water bottle or hippo bag in toilet cisterns to reduced amount of water being used
  • Use basin when washing dishes or paintbrushes
  • Use eco-friendly washing products
  • Install rainwater butt
  • Use rainwater to water plants and window boxes


  • Set up bird tables
  • Create compost from waste food
  • Plant window boxes in Spring/Summer
  • Plant wildflowers[/one_half]


Green Schools’ Committee 2019/20

Grace Creedon

Emily McTigue

Gabriel Proano Connolly

Ella Ward

Matthew Heffernan

Harry Hughes

Mary Divilly

Ultan O’Neill

Martha MacAdam

Cian Phelan

Caleb McCracken