Whole School Evaluation

A whole school evaluation of our school took place in February 2009. Please click on the link below to read the full report.
”A well-resourced, attractive and well-maintained learning environment serves to promote a positive educational climate for all pupils who approach their work with enthusiasm and commitment.”
”Throughout the school, the standard of teaching is very high and this is reflected in the achievement of pupils.”

 ”The staff’s energy and dedication and its capacity for self-review and self-evaluation ensures that this school will continue to serve the needs of its pupils in the best way possible”.

” During the evaluation period, pupils behaved in an exemplary manner and demonstrated an admirable capacity for working independently and for collaboration in group tasks. Well-organised school assemblies affirm pupils’ endeavours and contribute further to the promotion of positive behaviour and to the enhancement of self-esteem”.
      Gerard Carney, Dept. of Education May 2009