Blue Star Programme

Blue Star Programme

The blue star programme is a programme that helps children learn about the European Union and how it works. In our school we did lots of things…

We did power points on EU countries in groups. I was in a group with Ross and Sean and our country was Greece. We had to have a visual thing to do with our EU countries. You could have a flag or anything that could be passed around or put on the white board.

We put together power points on events that changed the history of Europe. I did the foundation of the EU. I learned all about Jenne Monnet and the EU headquarters. We researched European artists and learned all about their lives as an artist.

We also (in groups) put together a word document about MEPs. We learned about what they do in each of the headquarters and what Irish MEPs are in what constituency. But my favourite was the national food tasting day. Everyone in the senior and middle room made and brought in a European dish. All the French people had a desk to design and set up. I made crepes, everyone at the French table made desserts so we were very popular.

In a few weeks’ time we are going to have a visit from Mairead McGuiness. She is an Irish MEP. She is going to tell us about her job. We were asked by our teacher in our groups to write up questions to ask her. We also had to write a letter to invite her to come to our school. We are all very excited to have a visit from Mairead McGuiness.


5th Class