Confirmation 2018

On the 3rd of May sixth class woke up very excited because it was their Confirmation day. Our ceremony was at 3 o’clock. We had previously completed “You shall be my witness programme”. We also had a ceremony of light mass marking our pledge to abstain alcohol drink till a certain age. The church was packed and we were rehearsed and ready to go. We were with Ballyglass for our ceremony. Our celebrant was Cannon Rabbitte.

Firstly at the start of the mass there was an offertory procession. Then we had the liturgy of the word. Grace and Emma sang the psalm and Melanie sang the alleluia. Then came the renewal of baptismal promises. That is one of the three parts of confirmation. We had to respond with “I do”.

Next we had the laying on of the hand which consists of the cannon laying his hands on us. After that we had the anointing with chrism when your sponsor stands behind you and puts their hand on your shoulder which symbolises your sponsor being there for you.

Next we came to the prayers of the faithful. Sean S, Patrick, Toby, Sean C and David all said a prayer. Finally at the end of the ceremony Adam did a reflection on “What confirmation means to me”.  At the end of the ceremony everyone was congratulating us and taking pictures. Later some people went to their houses and some people went out for dinner. Everyone really enjoyed their confirmation 2018