Hurling and football in Kiltiernan N.S


Hurling and Football in Kiltiernan N.S

In Kiltiernan N.S we have two sport coaches one of them train hurling and the other trains Gaelic football.


Every Tuesday we have a hurling coach come and visit us. He takes Ms. Fenlon’s room which is classes second to fourth between half 12 and half 1 – this is straight after lunchtime. At half past 1 he takes out Ms. Leech’s room until half past 2. Our trainers name is Michael. He is also known as Bosco. We usually begin the training by dividing into two teams, for our enjoyment he goes straight into a match it is so fun.


Gaelic Football

Every Friday we have a Gaelic Football coach named Darren he takes Ms Fenlon’s room at 1 o’clock when the hour passes he takes Ms Leech’s room out and the minute we get out we always do a ‘passing drill’ we do that until 2:30 then we pick teams and get into a match, then at 2:55 we go inside get our bags and go home.


Adam 5th Class