booklist Kiltiernan NS

Junior Infants Booklist 2015-2016


Junior Infants Booklist 2015-2016


Irish: Bun go Barr Buncheim B


Maths: Planet Maths Junior Infants


English: Just Handwriting (Pre-cursive) Junior Infants

Just Phonics (42 sounds) Junior Infants

Exercise your English A


Religion: Grow in Love Senior Infants Workbook


SESE: Unlocking SESE Senior Infants


Music: Ready to Rock B

Visual Art: €10


Miscellaneous Expenses: €15 (Testing- MIST,NRIT, Drumcondra testing, personalised homework journal, worksheets, etc)

Monies payable in September €25 + €2 weekly family raffle {Parents’ Council)


1 A3 Art folder

1 Hardback Copy for Phonics

1 Handwriting Copy (Learn to Write B2)

1 10mm square Sums Copy

1 Project Book 15 Copy

1 Plastic A4 folder

Well stocked pencil case with contents labelled (no biros necessary)

Crayons /Twistables


If you are unsure of any of the textbooks please do not cover or write on them as it may need to be exchanged in September. If there are any further tests/materials required during the school year you will be notified.


Uniforms can be purchased in Pat Smyths ,Gort and the National, Schoolwear Centre,Tuam Rd., Galway. Trousers and polo shirts, without logos, can be bought on the High Street.


Books from this booklist may be obtained from Gort Educational World, Bridge St., Gort, First Chapter, Market Hall, Gort, Books ‘N More Bookshop upstairs in the Oran Town Centre, Oranmore or ABC Bookshop Tuam Rd, Galway.


The Parents’ Council will hold a raffle every Thursday as a fundraiser. Cost of tickets will be €2, which can be paid weekly or at the start of each term in full. Each family will be given a raffle number in September which will be their number for the year.