Letter to M.E.P

Letter to M.E.P.
Kiltiernan N.S.
Co. Galway
Dear Mairead McGuinness
My name is Stephen. I am in fifth class in Kiltiernan N.S, Galway. Our school is taking part in the Blue Star Project. This is an initiative to engage ore with European Union. We have done many cool projects to get this project.
First of all we did a project on an EU country. We covered many different countries from Spain to Sweden. Then we researched a famous piece of history from Europe. We also studied the workings of the EU and a famous artist.
Finally we had an EU food day. We had lots of very interesting dishes. Some tasted really delicious. As part we of project would like invite you to our school. We would have a few easy questions for you to answer! It would be great if you could come. When you visited us here before, you said you would come back again! Thank you for reading this letter. I really appreciate it.

Yours Sincerely
Kiltiernan N.S.