Mairead McGuiness


                                                                             Kiltiernan N.S.


                                                                        Co. Galway


Dear Mairead Mc Guinness

My name is Colman and I am in 6th class. I am writing on behalf of Kiltiernan N.S. We have been part of the Blue Star programme. The Blue Star Programme a primary school initiatave to engage students with the E.U.

So far in the programme we created a factfile and powerpoint on a country in the E.U., projects on historical European events, researched European artists or inventors and researched how the parliament works, an E.U. cuisine tasting day and now we have to select an Irish M.E.P to come to our school.

The reason why my school choose you is because you have a special connection with Kiltiernan N.S. In 2014 you came to our school while you were touring South Galway. It was a real honour to have you come.

If it was ok could you take some time off your job and visit our school so we can complete our programme. If you could come, we would be very appreciative.

Kind regards,


6th Class