Making a Lighthouse

Making a Lighthouse


What we need: for this experiment you will need

  • A shoe box/tray
  • A cyclinder object
  • 3 long wires
  • 2 paper clips
  • 2 batteries
  • 1 battery holder
  • 1 lightblub holder
  • 1 small light blub
  • A yourgut carton
  • Paints and art supplies (optional)



  • Firstly you need to start by making your circuit. Place the batteries in the battery holder.
  • Attach the red and black wires into the battery holder. Next unscrew the screw either sides of the light blub holder and place the 2 of the wires wires under the screws and screw the screws back down with the wires under.
  • Now you should have a gap in your circuit this is where you attach your paper clips.
  • Cut a hole in your shoe box and slide the cyclinder down it.if yiu would like decrote the cyclinder and the shoe box but before you do that bring the circuit up the tube so that the light blub is sitting saflety on top.
  • If the light blub is not light when the two paper clips are attached your circuit is faulty
  • Now it is time for decoration , decorate your light house any way you would like.


What happened and why: the light blub light when the paper clips attacked because it allows the current to flow through the circuit and when you take them apart the circuit brakes whick stops the current flowing through the circuit.