Pantomime Preparation

Pantomime Preparation


On the Seventh of April 2017 Kilteirnan National School will be doing two plays from the senior class room and the middle class room.

The senior classroom will be doing the play ‘alas in blunderland’ while the middle room will do ‘Jack and the beanstalk’.

I will be telling you all about the preparation for the play!

The first thing that we did was our teachers gave us a script of the play for each desk.

We would get to read any line we desired if given permission via the teacher.

We read the scripts over and over again in class whenever we had time.

After we read the script at least ten times our teacher told us to write down three of four roles that we would want. We wrote the roles in the order of which one we wanted most and least.

The next day the teacher called out each role for each person.

Some kids got two or three roles. Others got only one. It depends on how many lines they have. (personally I have two)

From there on every day we would go into the halla and rehearse.

For the first couple of days we were allowed to bring a script and read off all our lines as we acted. Then after a week or so we were no longer allowed to bring a script to rehearsals and would have to stand on the stage and act out all of our lines that we had learnt off by heart.

Next our teacher told us that we would have to bring in a prop that would help us “get into character” for example if you were the king you could bring in a crown or if you were an ugly sister you could bring in a wig.

I’m really excited for the play and I just know that it will be absolutely positively fantastic and amazing.

By: Erin. P.