Schools Fitness Programme


Schools Fitness Programme

In the middle of January, Aoife Lynskey came to our school to help us students and the teachers to implement a programme for a healthier lifestyle.

Aoife Lynskey is one of the PE teachers at Gort Community School and a successful camogie player who plays on the Ardrahan’s senior camogie team.

The idea of the fitness programme is to encourage children to exercise more and stay fit. It is proven that exercise helps you to be more mentally alert.

We have started with a beep test and Aoife has given us six weeks for us to do daily exercises and drills. After training for six weeks Aoife will come back and will test us again with the beep test. We hope to have improved over the six weeks. Our goal is not to be the best school who did this programme. Our goal is to use the skills we learned later on in life and be the best we can be!