Science Week 2019 at Kiltiernan N.S.

Science Week 2019 at Kiltiernan N.S.


Science Week at Kiltiernan is always a blast, but 2019 held a very exciting Science Week indeed!  For Science Week we not only got to see experiments up close, we also got to do some ourselves!  Fourth to sixth class got into groups to show off some exceptional experiments to the rest of the children.

Here is a taste of some of the experiments;

Volcano: My group and one other were lucky enough to get the volcano experiment. With just a few ingredients, a bottle and some rocks to make it look like a real volcano, we got to see the two volcanoes erupting with “Lava”.

Uublee: The group that got the Uublee Experiment had a massive task at hand.  Uublee is a type of slime that is hard when you punch it and slimy when you hold it.  They had to have a precise balance between the ingredients to get the correct outcome. 

Fizzy Rockets: This was the only experiment that had to be held outside.  (I wonder why?) We experimented different temperatures of water and the conclusion was the hottest temperatures of water made the rocket go higher. 

Overall I think that Science Week was a big success, and I look forward to Science Week next year!



Diarmuid 5th class