Super Science

Super Science

Over the past three weeks we explored Electricity in our classroom and learned how to make circuits with light bulbs, wires and batteries.

First we used two wires, a light bulb and a battery to make circuits. We were delighted when we managed to light the bulbs. Later we tried with one wire, a light bulb and a battery. This worked well for us.

We put all our knowledge together to create a proper circuit using a battery holder and crocodile clips.

Next we made lighthouses with a working switch to turn them on and off. After we made our lighthouses out of kitchen rolls, we designed   decorated them and stuck them to cardboard creating a seaside scene. The challenge for us was to hide our wires from public view.

In the next lesson we made quizzes for the junior classes. Questions on the left had to match answers on the right. On the back, we connected the correct answer to each question with wires so that when you connected them they lit the bulb and you knew your answer was correct.

We made English and Irish quizzes for Infants and First class. Jake and his group made a soccer quiz. Abbie and her group made an Irish animal quiz. They were a big hit in the Junior Room and we thoroughly enjoyed the process of designing them.






By Abbie and Jake