The Bush

The bush is a bush that some 6th class boys started using to relax and talk in.

The bush started one day when 5 boys (Diarmuid, Patrick, David, Stephen and Toby) went into the bush for a game of 40, 40. Diarmuid started hollowing out the bush and emptying out the briars. We then started to put down the bedding.

After that we had a storm and lots of branches fell down so we picked them up and put them on top so we had cover. We then started spending all our time in the bush and the teachers and all the class came into the bush and amazingly there was still enough room to move around. The ‘Bush gang’ had now extended to 7 people Diarmuid, Patrick, Stephen, David, Toby, Sean Slevin and Adam Cahill.

By Diarmuid and Patrick