Wind Resistant Tower Experiment

Wind Resistant Tower Experiment

Equipment Needed: A4 paper (max. 4 sheets)

                                    Tape (Max. 1 ½ metres)

                                     50g weight


Aim: Create a wind resistant tower that is at least 30cm tall, fit for a weight to be placed on top and to stay standing while lateral force is applied.


  1. In your group, create a plan for your structure.
  2. Start building, keeping in mind that it has to be at least 30cm tall and has to be able to hold a 50g weight.
  3. When you are happy with your design, transport it to your ‘testing area’.
  4. Place the 50g weight on top of each structure then test them from a distance of 3m using the hairdryer and making sure that it is a ‘fair test’.
  5. If the structure survives for 10 seconds at 3m without falling over, move it closer to the hairdryer and so on until you find the structure that is the strongest.

Outcome: Our group’s structure stayed standing at 3m, swayed a little bit at 2m but ended up falling over at 1m after lasting for 8 out of 10 seconds.

Rating: I would rate this experiment 4.5 out of 5 stars as it was an enjoyable, hands on learning experience!

By Orlaith

5th Class