Cross Country Athletics

Cross country

On the 9th of November, a  friday morning, myself,  Stephen, David and Paul all were driven by Ms Leech to Renmore Park for cross country athletics. We were wearing our gear and kiltiernan jerseys and were ready for action. I had number 12. We started doing our warm ups- running up and down high knees, slow jogs and stretches.

The junior girls race was first. Orlaith, Lauren, Grainne and Erin were running in this race representing our school. It was followed by junior boys then senior girls and finally senior boys. We all lined up ready to start the race. When the man with the megaphone told us when it was time to go the battery died. We started running. I could see Stephen, David and Paul in front of me. When we finished you had to walk through a line of ropes and have your number taken and told you place. I came 72nd which I guess is better than 73rd. Stephen came first David came second and Paul came approximately 29th. After the race Stephen and David collected some very nice miniature trophies.

On the way back we stopped in Londis and got deli roles but Paul got tasty rashers and chips. When we got back to school Ms Leech said it would be unfair if we went to class so instead we ate them in the staffroom. Kindly Ms Leech asked would we like a cup of tea. We all said yes.

So to sum it we went to cross country collected some silver wear stopped in Londis and had tea with the Principal.  I would call that a good day!

 By Diarmuid 6th class