Science Week

Science Week

Science Week runs  from the 13th to the 19th of November. We explored many aspects of science including Magnetism and Electricity. The Senior Room took the challenge of electricity while the Middle Room studied fascinating magnets. In our room we learned everything about electricity. We found out a lot of interesting facts.

The teachers came up with a great idea to merge the two types of science. They made up groups containing people from both rooms and half of the groups went to Ms Leech’s room while the rest went to Ms O’ Doherty’s room. Ms O’ Doherty worked on  magnets while Ms Leech explored electricity. My group started with electricity.

We learned how to make a basic circuit. This circuit included wires, batteries and a bulb. You get great satisfaction out of getting a lighting bulb! We moved to a more advanced circuit with crocodile clips and bulb holder and of course batteries. After that  we made a working switch with thumb tacs, small pieces of wood and paper clips plus your batteries, bulb and holder. It was so cool when it actually worked. There, we were finished for a very interesting day 1.

Moving on… and  day 2 commenced. The groups rotated. My group went on to the magnets. We had a lot of fun. We learned about the different types of magnets. For example we saw a bar magnet, a big bar magnet, ball magnet to name a few. We went around the classroom testing were they attracted to the magnet. Not many succeeded but it was very interesting.

Next we did an experiment. We made a structure and we had to see if the compass would make the magnet turn to North and South. We used Jenga bricks as our structure. We used a ruler and a piece of string to help. After all our preparation it worked very well.

To finish a very busy Science Week 2017 we had a visit from Tom Cuffe. He is an origami artist and birdwatcher. He showed us many incredible pieces of art. Some of these pieces took many months to make and was truly amazing. After he showed us a few simple step to make ancient Japanese envelope. We used many folding techniques.  You need a lot of patience to do this type of art! Moving on we used small pieces of card to make a cube. We folded card in halves and placed them in a way to make a cube. It was really fun.

I would like to thank the teachers and Tom especially for making this week really fun. I love science and would like to do more. Thank You!


By Stephen