For the last few weeks Kiltiernan’s N.S the middle and senior rooms have been focusing on the 1960’s music. The songs we are learning are Happy Together by the turtles, California Dreamin by the Mamas and the Papas and with a little help with my friends by the Beatles.

The teachers have been helping us to understand the difference of the 1960’s to the 2000’s. In class Miss picked two girls and two boys to be the mamas and the papas. Then the others do the seconds. During the instrumental section we get to show off our groovy 60’s dancing which we all enjoy and have great fun with. Music days are on Tuesday evenings for around an hour. When we do the 60’s we learnt about the difference in style which is very light and airy for their groovy swaying  dance moves.

Another part of music lessons recently involved   listening to the music from #MozTheMonster . We have been listening to the song for the past few days.



By Melanie O Donovan 6th class.