Dogs Trust visit

Dogs Trust Visit



One day Aoife a Dogs Trust employee came to all classes, explaining about the rules of keeping a dog, and what you need to keep a dog healthy and happy!

Those things included:






She also chatted about how dogs are chosen for families or the other way around.

We were given a mini quiz on paring families to dogs.

This included a slow and old dog for elderly people or peoples at home a lot, a bright and speedy dog for the more active family, a lovely cute puppy that loves car journeys.

These dogs all suited different family types.


A bit of History about Dogs Trust


Dogs Trust is Irelands largest dog welfare charity

They established their rehoming center in Dublin in 2009

In 2015 alone Dogs Trust rehomed 2,888 dogs!



5th Class

2,957 dogs rehomed last year

98,838 dogs neutered since 2006

8,596 dogs microchipped in 2015

1,535 education workshops delivered in 2015